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2021-03-11 Release

Front end application1.8.17

This weeks release contains some of the most exciting features yet:

  • A new Full Page chatbot is now available, supporting all features of other widgets in a full-page experience.

  • In addition to sitemaps imports, the knowledge base can now also import PDF content.

  • Live chat has been revamped to integrate with ticketing and has a new agent chat view.

  • New embed and file message types provide whole new ways of delivering information.

Full page bot

This new channel delivers an incredible full page chatbot experience allowing users to view answers and content in a whole new way.

Conversations are delivered one message at a time, creating an immersive chat experience while still providing all existing functionality of other channels.

The new full page chatbot:

  • Is supported on both desktop and mobile devices.

  • Has a different conversation flow, showing a single message at a time.

  • Supports all composer types.

  • Supports all message types.

Import PDFs into the knowledge base

You can now import PDFs into your chatbot’s knowledge base, capturing the content as text which can be amended and revised just like a sitemap import.

This content can then be presented to the user as a content message type.

Live chat and ticketing, a love story

Live chat and tickets have been linked and now share more features

  • When live chat is requested, a corresponding ticket is created in the background to help case management.

  • We’ve added a side panel next to the live chat interaction where agents can any stored information on the user including captured variables.

  • Agents can view the history of a ticket.

  • Agents can view their own chat history.

  • You can filter tickets by type, status and assignee on the tickets page.

  • Agent stats reflect both live chat and ticket performances.

New message and response types

Always looking to improve the chatbot experience, we’ve released three new message and response types.

Embed message type

The new embed message type supports embedding third-party content, giving users the ability to access any web-based content from calendar-booking apps to simple web pages.

File button type

The new file button type lets a subscriber download an attached resource including images, spreadsheets, PDF, etc.

Postbacks on quick replies

Quick reply buttons have been updated to include postback responses.



  • Small talk is now turned off by default for all new clients. To turn it on (or off), contact your account manager.

  • FAQs can now send multiple messages in one answer. Use the randomise toggle on the FAQ edit page to turn this feature on or off.

  • You can use variables for Image messages.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the size of image and general messages in the embedded chatbot.

  • Integrations no longer crash when a variable has a value of 0.

  • We handle the storing of large integration logs a lot better.

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