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2023-05-18 Release

Platform versions: 8.40.25, 1.13.14


  • The unclickable area around the Converse widget has been reduced when not using a call-to-action.

  • Added Spanish 🇪🇸 and Brazilian Portuguese 🇧🇷 languages.

  • Clarified log names.

  • When dragging a line to create a new step, if you cancel the step creation the line now also cancels.

  • The +/- zoom buttons in the builder become inactive when you reach max/min zoom. E N H A N C E.

  • Improved some of the builder UI around the new automated step, including making them easier to click, drag, and drop.

  • Changed most mentions of Conversations to Workflows in the builder.

  • Workflows that start with an automated step cannot display anything the builder demo. We now make that very clear.

Bug fixes

  • Back arrows on content messages are now aligned properly with the Converse header.

  • Fixed weird bugs making it impossible to click Back more than three times on a content message.

  • Fixed webhooks returning a 500 error when the first step of the workflow is automated.

  • Fixed some builder UI that would slide under other UI.

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