Last updated: 29 June 2021

Account owners are the only users to have access to the owner portal.

Step 1: Log into the owner portal

You can access the owner portal from any client associated to the platform you are an owner of.

To log into the owner portal, simply click Owner in the bottom left of your screen.

The owner portal looks significantly different from the user portal, with a white sidebar and different menus.

Step 2: Exit the owner portal

You can exit the owner portal in two ways.

The simplest is by switching back to the client account you’re currently logged into. To do so, click the account name at the bottom of the left navigation menu. This account name will reflect the account you originally logged into.

The second is to log out of the platform completely. Once you log back in, you will automatically be thrown back into the user portal. To do so, click Logout in the left navigation menu.