Last update: 14 July 2021

As they wrap up their interaction with your chatbot, some users may want to download a copy of their conversation. Whether you want to allow them to do so is up to you.

If you do decide to allow your users to download their conversation transcript, follow these steps.

Downloading transcripts is only possible through our platform-owned channels: converse, embedded, and full page.

Step 1: Enable the conversation transcript downloads

Go to EngageChannels.

Pick one of the platform-owned channels, such as Converse. Click Options.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find Settings page. Unfurl this accordion to reveal four settings you may turn on or off for your chatbot.

Flick the Transcript setting to Show.

Hit Save.

Step 2: Test your new setting

As soon as you hit Save, the setting is available to your users. 

To give it a test, go to your chatbot. If you don’t have a live chatbot, you may test this in Demo.

Click the cog icon in the top right corner. You should see your new transcript setting.

To download their conversation transcript, a chatbot user would simply have to enter their email address and hit Request.

The transcript setting is tied to the channel. This allows you to turn it on for, say, Converse but not the other channels.