Last updated: 14 April 2021 

Your chatbot comes with built-in live chat and ticketing features. When a user engages in live chat, this creates a ticket. Live chat agents can then claim, unclaim, and resolve these tickets. 

Claim a ticket

Navigate to Integrations → Live Chat.

Pending live chats are shown on the left.

Click Claim. 

You are now able to communicate with the user, view their previous conversation history and user information.

Unclaim a ticket 

After claiming a ticket, click Unclaim request at the top of the conversation. 

Unclaiming a ticket opens it up to be claimed by other agents. The user will see a message explaining that the agent has left the chat and another is on their way. 

Resolve a ticket 

After claiming a ticket, click Mark as resolved in the top left. 

If the chatbot could have answered the live chat request if a new FAQ was created, click yes to create an FAQ. 

After resolving a ticket, the user will see a note that the live chat agent has left the chat and the live chat has ended.