Last updated: 02 June 2021 

Composers are the area that your users use to communicate with your chatbot; where users click to type their reply.

Your chatbot comes with a range of default composers, such as typing a message or choosing a date.

You can have multiple composer options throughout a conversation, but only a single composer for each step. 

On top of the default composers, your chatbot platform allows you to create your own composers.

Create a custom composer

Head to EngageComposers.

Name your composer (this is for internal use).

Add a placeholder. This is the small piece of copy your users will see. Make it as relevant and insightful as possible, while remaining short. E.g. 'Choose a shoe colour'.

Choose your composer type. You can choose between:

  • Message – allows the user to type a response

  • Fuzzy – allows the user to choose from a list of available options.

If creating a Fuzzy composer, simply write a list of options for the user to pick from. Click enter after typing each option to add it to the list. 

Click save.