Last updated: 11 August 2021 

Design your full page chatbot to perfectly match your brand identity by customising its colours and logo.

To get started, go to Engage → Channels. In the list of channels, find Full page and click Options.

The preview section on the right displays your changes in real-time.

Any changes you make will only go live after you click Save.

You can change your chatbot’s logo within the Main settings area by clicking Change Logo. Pick your logo from existing images or upload it.

You can choose whether to show or hide your logo by using the toggle option.

If you want, you can also link your logo a web page.

Step 2: Add your brand colours

You can also customise the colours of your full page chatbot in the Colour settings area. Choose from either the preset selection of colours or add hex codes to match your brand identity. 

Change the background of the full page chatbot by editing the Gradient Start Colour and Gradient End Colour.

Use different colours to add a gradient effect to your background or simply select the same colour or hex code for both gradient options to have a block colour background.

Step 3: Organise your settings

Settings page allow you to give or revoke the ability for chatbot users to 

  • Reset their chatbot conversation.

  • Download their chat transcript

  • Export all data associated with them

  • Delete all data associated with them