Last updated: 13 April 2021 

Sometimes, you just need to create a bunch of very similar FAQs. This is when duplicating FAQs comes in handy.

Duplicating FAQs is a great way of creating your content quickly and efficiently.

To begin, go to NLPFAQs.

Step 1: Create a duplicate FAQ

  1. Click the Questions button on the FAQ you would like to duplicate.

  2. Click the Duplicate button on your chosen FAQ.

As soon as you click the Duplicate button, you are redirected your new duplicated FAQ.

Step 2: Edit the duplicated FAQ’s questions

To help you start, your new FAQ is pre-filled with the details from the original FAQ.

Make sure you edit the name, any tags, location and question variants for your new FAQ where required.

Click Create to be taken to the FAQ answer page.

Step 3: Edit the duplicated FAQ’s answers

Just like the questions, when you duplicate an FAQ, the answer from the original FAQ carries over to your new FAQ.

Make sure to update your answer(s) with your amendments.

Once done, click Save.