Last updated: 30 November 2021 

Live chat is often an integral part of the conversational experience. Through your chatbot platform, you can enable live chat at specific days and times; or completely disable it.

Step 1: Enable live chat

To enable live chat, head to ServiceLive chat.

In the top right of the screen, click Settings

The settings panel allows you to enable or disable live chat completely by clicking the first ON/OFF button.

Enable or disable follow up using the second ON/OFF button. When enabled, your chatbot will automatically ask for a user's feedback after a live chat interaction with one of your agents. Perfect to track your team's performance.

Step 2: Set up working hours

Picking up live chat requests require time and resources. It might not be possible for you to provide a 24/7 live chat service.

By default, new agent working hours are not set. To set up working hours, make sure live chat is enabled (as above).

In the Active Hours panel, choose your working days. Working days should be marked as Open. Closed days should be marked as Closed.

For every open day, use the time picker to select your live chat operations start and end times.

Within that period of time, when your chatbot needs to step aside and let a human handle the enquiry, it will fall back to live chat.

What happens when live chat is disabled (or out of hours)?

If live chat is disabled, your chatbot will revert to the simple human fallback feature. This feature, by default, takes information from the user and sends an email to your platform owner.