Last updated: 08 October 2021 

This document covers the steps that allow a platform user to export a user’s chat transcript on their behalf. To learn to activate the transcript export feature inside the chatbot, allowing your users to do this themselves, please refer to this doc: Allow users to download their conversation transcript.

The chatbot platform keeps transcripts of every chat interaction between your chatbot (or your live chat agents) and your users. These are stored in line with your chosen data retention period.

To export a chat transcript, go to AnalyseConversations.

Step 1: Export a chat transcript

Each row on this table is a conversation with a single user.

To export a conversation, click Export on your chosen row. After confirming your selection, you will receive an email with a link to download the exported file.

You can also export demo conversations, which are accessible by clicking View Demo Conversations on the Conversations page.

Step 2: View an exported chat transcript

Once you have received an export email, click View Data Export.

Doing so will open a page in your browser showing the chat transcript in JavaScript Object Notation format (JSON). JSON is currently the only supported export format for chat transcripts.