Last updated: 30 June 2021 

The Demo area allows you to test your chatbot. Your demo chatbot is a carbon copy of your live chatbot, allowing you to test in near real-life situation. Use your demo to test FAQs or conversations, assess the design of your chat widget, and more.

To get started, navigate to Demo

Step 1: Test your chatbot

To test your chatbot, simply ask questions as your users would.

  • Test your FAQs by sending it questions (exact match, slight variants, or completely new questions). See if your chatbot understands you and responds accordingly.

  • Test your chatbot’s pre-built small talk by messaging things like ‘Hello’, ‘How are you’, etc.

  • Test your conversations by sending your chatbot the trigger keywords you’ve set up.

You cannot use your demo chatbot to test conversations that trigger based on anything else than a keyword (e.g. user location, URL, API calls, etc.).

Need to start over? The cog icon in the top right of your chat widget can be used to reset your widget. 

Test your chatbot in embedded or full page view

Are you building a full page or embedded chatbot? If so, testing your chatbot in the widget view may not reflect the exact experience your users will end up going through.

To change your demo view, head over to Demo and click the dropdown in the top right.

Step 2: Share your chatbot with the wider team

To share a demo version of your chatbot with wider team members, click Copy public url in the top right.

While anyone with the public URL can speak to the demo version of your chatbot, they cannot make changes to the chatbot itself – ideal for team testing.