Last updated: 02 June 2021 

Notifications appear in the top right corner of your chat's window. They are persistent and non-intrusive, allowing you to notify your chatbot users without a push notification.

Notifications only work with the following messaging channels: converse, embedded, full page.

To create a new notification, head to Engage → Notifications.

Click Create Notification in the top right corner.

Under Text, write your notification. This text will appear when your chatbot users click the bell icon on their chat window.

(Optional) Under Link, add a link to a valid web address. Clicking the notification will take the user to the link you set up.

When you're done, hit Create.

Your notification is immediately live and visible across your channels.

Edit or delete existing notifications

To edit or delete existing notifications, go to Engage → Notifications.

Hitting the Delete button will immediately remove the notification from your channels.

Hitting the Edit button allows you to tweak your copy and link. When you're done, hit Save. Changes are live immediately.

What happens if I have multiple notifications?

You can create as many notifications as you need. Multiple notifications will stack one below the other in your chat window.