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Delay the execution of workflows

Last updated: 27 Mar 2024

By combining the Trigger postback action and the Date modify formatter, you are able to schedule or delay the execution of a workflow.

This feature is released in Beta. As customers use this feature, we collect data and feedback to improve it. If you have any feedback, please contact your account manager.

Step 1: Create a workflow

Go to Builder and create a new workflow.

Give your workflow a name, a description, and a trigger.

Edit the first step to something like this:


Step 2: Add the action

Drag and drop an Action on the first step. In the dropdown, select Trigger postback.


Step 3: Create your delay

To trigger your delayed workflow, you will use a postback and a formatted variable.

In the postback cell, enter your postback.

In the At date time cell, enter a variable by typing {{.

Find your variable in the dropdown. For the purpose of this document, we’ll use {{date.current_date_time}}.

In the Formatter, select Date modify.


Create your desired delay:

  • Append date forces a specific month, day, hour, or minute into your variable. For example, if you need your workflow to trigger specifically in February, enter 2 month (second month of the year).

  • Date math allows you to add or subtract months, days, hours, or minutes from the existing value. For example, if you need a workflow to trigger two minutes from now, enter 2 minutes after.

Append date & date math can be combined to create the date and time you need.


When your variable is done, click Save.

Step 4: Create the delayed workflow

Drag and drop a new step onto the canvas and assign it a new trigger.

In the trigger, enter When message equals [postback] where the postback is the postback entered in the Action you created.


You’re done!


Can I cancel scheduled delays for a specific subscriber?

Yes. There is an action called Trigger postback cancel which, when triggered, will delete all pending delays for the subscriber.

Are delayed workflows compatible with all channels?

Delayed workflows are most compatible with Converse, Embedded, and Full page.

Third-party channels may limit our ability to send delayed messages based on messaging policies. These policies are subject to change and out of our control, we recommend staying on top of the latest changes in messaging policies from the channels you rely upon.

SMS, WhatsApp, and VOIP are currently incompatible.

Can I delay the triggering of automated steps?


Are there limits to the time I can delay?

Yes. Depending on the channel you use, different limits may apply.

Converse, Embedded, and Full page have limits of 15 minutes. This is the time limit within which a connection between your platform and the chatbot widget is active. If a workflow is triggered beyond that limit, the subscriber may only see the message once they re-become active on the channel.

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