Last updated: 16 December 2022

For the purpose of this document, we’re going to follow the process of creating an FAQ with knowledge base content. The same process works to add knowledge base content inside a conversational step.

Go to Knowledge → FAQs.

Click create + FAQ in the top right. 

Name your FAQ, assign any relevant tags and write three example questions. 

Change Message type to Content.

You can use these variables (following the process below) to surface knowledge base content across any message type.

Click Advanced settings. 

Select Imported content from the Data type area.

Choose the specific piece of content using the Import dropdown. 

Choose a specific page within that content using the Section dropdown. 

Click Save, you've now told your chatbot to show a specific page of imported content to your users.

Write a brief answer for your FAQ in the Message area. 

To pull the article’s title inside the Title field, use the variable {{knowledge_base.section_name}}.

To pull the article’s content inside the Body field, use the variable {{knowledge_base.section_content}} .

Click Save again to save the FAQ. 

You've now created an FAQ that provides a quick answer for users with a link to more information taken straight from your knowledge base.