Last updated: 13 December 2021 

Tags are your chatbot’s filing and storage system. A tag can be assigned to multiple items, allowing you to filter by tag name, such as filtering all FAQs tagged as “Orders + Delivery”. 

Using tags is not mandatory. They are there to make your life easier and help keep everything organised, it’s completely up to you if you use them. 

Different types of tags

Your chatbot platform supports four different types of tags: 

  • FAQ tags

  • Conversation tags

  • Ticket tags

  • Link tags

Despite each type of tag being its own entity, they all serve a similar purpose; to help you keep your chatbot organised. 

To view all the tags you’ve created, navigate to Settings → Tags

This page displays every tag you’ve created within the platform, split by their type. Clicking Add New enables you to create a new tag. 

Creating a new tag

Tags can be created in two different ways: 

  1. Clicking Create New within the main tags page of your chatbot platform. 

  2. Typing the name of your new tag when editing an FAQ, Conversation, Ticket, or Link. 

For the second option, you’ll notice each area of ubisend that supports tags has a Tags dropdown.

To create a new tag, simply click within the dropdown and type the name of your new tag. Once finished, press enter. 

This will create your new tag. 

Assigning a tag to an element

Assigning a tag to an element, such as an FAQ or conversation, is simple. 

Click edit and then choose your tag from the dropdown, or type to create a new tag. 

You can assign multiple tags to the same element.

Filtering by tags

Need to view a specific group of FAQs or conversations? 

Select the relevant tag from the dropdown and press enter. 

This will display all the elements with the assigned tag(s) you have chosen. You can filter by a single tag or multiple tags.