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Randomise your chatbot's FAQ answers

Last updated: 19 December 2022

Randomise your chatbot’s FAQ answers to keep interactions fresh.

When you set up multiple answers and turn randomisation on, if a user was to ask that same question multiple times, they will receive a variation of an answer at random. This approach is an excellent way of adding some variety to the bot and giving it a more human-like response.

Randomisation correlates to the number of answers you write. For example, if an FAQ has three answers, each of them has a 33% chance of being sent.

Step 1: Enable random responses

Go to Knowledge → FAQs.

On your chosen FAQ, go to Answers.

Toggle the Random Responses option to On.

Step 2: Create additional FAQ answers

Add multiple FAQ answers by clicking the + Add New button on the preview widget on your chosen FAQ answer page.

What happens if random responses is turned off?

When turned off, an FAQ with multiple answers will deliver all messages to the user one after the other as follow up messages.

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