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2021-10-20 Release

Platform version: 8.25.0, 1.10.1

Small update today, with improvements to the features you already know and love.

Fix training mistakes

Mistakes happen. When they’re training mistakes, this can lead to all sorts of trouble. This release includes an improvement to the training area of your chatbot platform.

If you head over to Knowledge → Training → View trained messages, you’ll notice a column in the middle of the table called Trained as.

This column shows you which FAQ the message was trained to. Extremely helpful to double-check training went according to plan and revert on mistakes.

Need to fix a poorly trained FAQ? No problem. Hit the Explore button the right and re-map the message to the right FAQ. Easy peasy.

Simpler account creation process

Only for our account Owners out there.

Creating new accounts used to be slightly long-winded, with an extensive form to fill out. We’ve trimmed things down so you can create new accounts at the speed of light. We now only require:

  • An account name

  • A main email address

  • A default language

As the Owner, you also now automatically get added to the new account. It just makes sense.


  • You can now invite multiple users at once, assuming you’re giving them all the same role. Simple comma separate them and off the invites go.

  • We’ve removed the Deactivated composer. We found it to be redundant to our Hidden composer, so it’s now gone. All existing messages using deactivated composers have been migrated to a hidden composer. More on composers.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed copy formatting issues where, for example, role names that were too long wouldn’t wrap properly. Caused a whole lot of ugliness, so we fixed it.

  • Fixed an issue where the allowed number of concurrent live chats wouldn’t be taken into account.

  • Fixed an issue where moving large metric cards above smaller metric cards would make them seemingly disappear. That ain’t good, right? Yeah. It wasn’t good. Now it is.

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