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2022-11-09 Release

Platform versions: 8.40.9, 1.12.30

An important notice and a few small changes, let’s go!

đź‘‹ Important announcement: your buttons are changing!

Historically, your chatbot’s action buttons have looked like this:

Regardless of what you typed in your platform, your chatbot’s action buttons would always appear in all caps. In two weeks, we’re introducing a change to this behaviour.

Starting November 22, 2022, your chatbot’s action button labels will exactly mirror what you wrote in the platform.

This change will give you more freedom to design your buttons: lower case, upper case, all caps – up to you!

What happens next?

On the day of release (Nov 22), all your buttons’ casing will start reflecting their label. If you are happy with that, no changes needed. If you need to change them, use this lead time to whip through your account and change your labels.

This change only affects action buttons. Quick Replies are not impacted.

đź‘€ Advanced conversation searches are now a thing

Ever want to find a specific conversation? An active chatbot can have thousands upon thousands of conversations per day. Trying to find the right one was almost literally like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Our new search tool now makes this a breeze. Go to Analyse → Conversations and open the filter in the top right to reveal it:

You can now search by:

  • User type: regular conversations or demo conversations

  • Dates: filtered by last or first message sent

  • Subscriber ID: if you know who you’re looking for

  • Keyword: one or multiple words

Happy conversation hunting!


  • We’ve drastically improved the loading time of our dashboards; like, a lot. Some of our customers have reported their metrics loading in 1/10th of the time it use to take them before. Happy days!

  • All URL fields on image message types are now optional. Sometimes, you just gotta add an image and not a link. It is what it is.

  • Our lovely Train button has disappeared from the training window. Our new NLP is so powerful, it trains itself every time you hit Accept, Ignore, or Explore. So long, old friend.

  • You can now assign a first and last name to OAuth user invites.

Bug fixes

  • Our conversation delete button had randomly disappeared. Found it and put it back in its place.

  • Some of our EU customers reported issues with their Converse channel. We once again found the culprit and squashed that bug.

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