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2022-12-07 Release

Platform versions: 8.40.12, 1.12.33

New phone who dis?

📞 VOIP: create telephony chatbots

We’re excited to release our new chatbot channel: VOIP.

Automate your inbound phone calls with a VOIP chatbot. Answer questions, automate workflows; create entire chatbot experiences accessible through a simple phone number.

Go to EngageChannels to find the new channel.

We worked closely with Audiocodes to bring you a VOIP channel that:

  • Is compatible in over 20 languages.

  • Is available through over 20 localised phone numbers.

  • Is powered by our entire platform (except, you know, the obvious features that wouldn’t work over a phone call like images or composers).

Make sure you read the documentation on how to set VOIP up.


  • You can now make carousel and general messages' images full size.

  • Added timestamps in Analyse → Conversations. This should help you find the exact conversation you are looking for.

  • Added a confirmation when deleting a webhook.

  • Added a new webhook action: exporting transcripts. Learn more.

  • Tags and FAQs are now in alphabetical order. Phew!

  • Removed the ability to ‘deactivate' a fuzzy composer. Fuzzy composers are meant to be clicked.

Bug fixes

  • Every time a live chat agent would send a response, their cursor would click away from the chat box. This is not ideal when you spend your day answering tickets. We’ve fixed this, your cursor will now remain active in the chat box.

  • Removed redundant UI throughout the app.

  • Fixed inconsistencies in fonts between Converse and Full page chatbots.

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