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2023-06-16 Release

Platform versions: 8.42.0, 1.13.17


  • All buttons containing a postback now become disabled after a user has clicked one. This should prevent the confusing cases when a user scrolls back up in the conversation and clicks an old button. Buttons without a postback (e.g. mailto, callto, content, etc.) are not affected.

  • You can now download multiple chat transcripts at once.

  • The date picker in the filter now includes an Apply button.

  • There’s a new Request permissions on Alexa action available in the builder. If you create an Alexa Skill that requires advanced permissions, use it to specify the required permissions. When triggered, the action generates a permission card request inside your user’s Alexa app. Learn more.

  • Call-to-actions have been moved to the left of the chat widget.

Bug fixes

  • Unclickable vertical space above the chat widget has been shrunk.

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