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Last updated: 04 December 2023

Where will your users access your chatbot?

With our platform, you can deploy your chatbot across a wide range of channels including websites, SMS, and messaging applications.

Step 1: Explore the available channels

Head to Engage → Channels.

All the available channels, as well as more bespoke channels, are listed. The process of connecting your chatbot to a specific channel varies per channel. The table below gives you a point of reference.



Website - Chat widget

Copy the script snippet inside the <body> of your webpage(s). 

Website - Embedded

Copy the iframe snippet anywhere on your webpage.

Website - Full page

Copy the code snippet inside an HTML file. 

Facebook Messenger

One-click Facebook integration.


One-click WhatsApp integration (through Facebook)

Facebook Workplace

One-click Facebook Workplace integration.

Microsoft Teams

Retrieve and connect your Teams tenant ID.


Retrieve and connect your Telegram access code.


One-click Facebook integration.

Amazon Alexa

Endpoint integration.


Endpoint integration.


Endpoint integration.

Step 2: Connect one (or more) channel(s)

To connect a channel, click on its Options button.

The next steps will depend on the channel you’ve chosen. Follow the simple process until your channel is finally connect.

Go back to Engage and flick the switch to turn it green.

You can active as many channels as you’d like. Make sure you understand message type compatibility across channels.

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