Last updated: 24 June 2022

Where will your users access your chatbot?

With our platform, you can deploy your chatbot across a wide range of channels including websites, SMS, and messaging applications.

Step 1: Explore the available channels

Head to Engage → Channels.

All the available channels, as well as more bespoke channels, are listed. The process of connecting your chatbot to a specific channel varies per channel. The table below gives you a point of reference.



Website - Chat widget

Copy the script snippet inside the <body> of your webpage(s). 

Website - Embedded

Copy the iframe snippet anywhere on your webpage.

Website - Full page

Copy the code snippet inside an HTML file. 

Facebook Messenger

One-click Facebook integration.

Facebook Workplace

One-click Facebook Workplace integration.

Microsoft Teams

Retrieve and connect your Teams tenant ID.


Retrieve and connect your Telegram access code.


One-click Facebook integration.

Amazon Alexa

Endpoint integration.

Step 2: Connect one (or more) channel(s)

To connect a channel, click on its Options button.

The next steps will depend on the channel you’ve chosen. Follow the simple process until your channel is finally connect.

Go back to Engage → Channels and click Activate on the channel you’ve connected.

You can have any number of active channels at anyone time.