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2021-07-14 Release

Platform version: 8.19.0, 1.8.37

The majority of today's release revolves around giving your chatbot users more control over their data. Of course, we've also thrown a few goodies and squashed some bugs.

Let's dig in.

Allow users to export chat transcripts

This new feature is fairly self-explanatory. Sometimes, users want to grab a quick copy of their interaction with your chatbot.

This is now possible.

By activating the Transcript settings inside your chatbot's options, a user can enter their email address and receive a transcript of their conversation.

The transcript comes in a JSON file, via email.

This feature (like the next one) is only accessible on the platform-owned channels: converse, embedded, and full page.

Learn how to turn this feature on

Allow users to request or delete their data

Whether it is a legal or business requirement, you may want to allow your users to request a copy of or delete their data. This is now possible by activating the Data export or Delete settings inside your channel's options.

Requesting a data export will send the user an email with a JSON file that contains all the data the platform has collected on them.

Deleting data will immediate remove all data associated with the user from the platform. This action is permanent.

Again, this feature is only accessible on the platform-owned channels: converse, embedded, and full page.

Learn how to turn the data export and the data deletion features.

New and improved default conversations

Each new account comes pre-loaded with a series of ten default conversations. These conversations help your chatbot function at a basic level, for example by managing FAQ interactions or human fallback to live chat.

We've given these conversations a good tidy up, making them more efficient and easy to use.

We've also introduced two new default conversations: raise a support ticket and gather user feedback.

Finally, we've introduced tags to conversations. They work exactly like FAQ tags, allowing you to organise and filter your conversations.

Only new accounts will come loaded with the new default conversations. Existing accounts will remain untouched to avoid deleting or modifying your work. If you would like to speak to someone about setting up the two new default conversations, please reach out to your account manager.


  • Added a nice and clear label that shows you which support ticket you are currently working on.

  • Improved the reliability of picking up the IP address from chatbot users. This used to cause trouble to chatbots trying to hyper-target specific countries or locations. No more.

  • Improved the dragging-and-dropping of metrics inside the dashboard.

Bug fixes

  • When you forward a support ticket to a colleague, this ticket is now assigned to them. Good riddance, you got better things to do.

  • You know when you create a new variable and, after you hit save, you also have to close the slide out? Bleh. Hate that. We made it so it closes automatically after hitting save.

  • Brought back the location when editing an FAQ. Don't know where it'd gone. Either way, it's back.

  • Editing an email notification threw some weird grey-on-grey backgrounds, making the fields hard to see. We introduced a brand new White Background for Fields™ technology, which fixed the usability issue.

  • Sometimes CTAs wouldn't reliably pick up on the URL they're on. This is no good, as CTAs are often used to create URL-aware and contextual copy. We've squashed that bug.

  • There was a weird bug allowing you to create FAQs without locations even if you had locations enabled. This is no longer possible, restoring the balance in the force.

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