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2023-10-24 Release

Platform version: 8.46.0, 1.16.2

💬 New chatbot channel: SMS

We're happy to introduce SMS as a new chatbot channel!

Integrate your chatbot with our SMS provider to create 2-way, automated, AI-driven SMS conversations.

SMS is the most adopted messaging channel worldwide (some 5.1 billion people use it, approximately 67% of the population). Now, backed by our workflow builder and artificial intelligence, you can serve your share of this huge market.


  • Two new metrics: sent and received messages (which, together, make up Total messages. Math!).

  • We've added a confirmation box when trying to delete a knowledge base article. No more oopsie daisies!

  • Improved screen reader accessibility of the Converse widget.

  • VOIP conversations now expire (aka hang up) after 3,600 seconds instead of 120. More time to chitchat with your favourite voice bot.

  • SSO just got more flexible. You can now control the logout integration. Learn more.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed instances where third-party channels wouldn't take languages into account.

  • Fixed instances where transition validation messages would appear in all activated languages (freaky).

  • The language switch dropdown in Converse would only work on accounts with an active license. Not ideal when implementing a new bot. It now works regardless of license.

  • Our error 500 page had an error. We fixed the error's error page. But the error would only trigger when an error was triggered so we had to error quite a lot to fix the error. Get it?

  • Fixed a fun (not) bug where live chat messages appeared in the wrong order. 

  • Fixed a bug where language-specific demo bots wouldn't load. ¿Porque? 

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