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2024-05-21 Release

Platform version: 8.55.1, 1.17.18


  • Two new languages: Bulgarian and Romanian. Здравейте! Buna ziua!

  • Your Converse launcher and your Converse logo can now be different. This should make grabbing web visitors' attention easier while continuing to brand your bot. Learn more.

  • You can now see where your trackable links are being used. Ideal if you need to make a change. Learn more.

  • We’ve improved our webhook integration to allow you to save nested values. Sounds nerdy and that’s why we love it. Learn more.

  • By default, your workflow trigger is now When message equals.... This should prevent the all-too-common mistake of creating a When message is sent workflow.

  • You will no longer inadvertently delete a file storage. Unless you click ‘Confirm’. Then, it’s on you.

  • We’ve added breadcrumbs to each of our Channel pages.

  • We’ve expanded the character limit on some of our fields, including the advanced variable target. This should satisfy all you crazy templating people out there.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the End current session action which sometimes wouldn’t fire in the right order.

  • Fixed an issue with Action messages that would sometimes twitch when clicked.

  • Some notifications wouldn’t get deleted. We took them out back and… just asked them to be deleted. Gently. With kindness.

  • Improved the usability of the Converse and Embedded widgets. They’re now more beautiful, more aligned, more streamlined.

  • Deleting a Converse version would sometimes take a tad too long for our liking. We fixed this.

  • Fixed an issue where the {{converse_id}} built-in variable would sometimes get overridden.

  • Fixed a bunch of copy and design issues.

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