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2021-12-01 Release

Platform version: 8.28.0, 1.10.6

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. We put on our best Santa impression to bring you lots of goodies on this fine first December day.

🔥 Single sign-on (SSO) is here, and it’s beautiful

Up until today, the only way to log into your platform was through the usual email and password method. 

While simple, this method is quite limiting. What if you wanted to allow platform users to log in using their Google or Facebook account? What if you wanted to allow users to log in using details you already hold about them in a separate software (e.g. HR system)?

Well, now you can.

With the new single sign-on feature, you can create your own login methods from scratch using OAuth 2.0. 

Seems complex? Don’t worry, our docs have got your back: create a new OAuth login method.

More visibility around semantic search

Our semantic search feature allows your chatbot users to search your knowledge bases for information. It’s a quick and easy way to share knowledge through your chatbot without creating FAQs.

More on knowledge bases and semantic search.

Today, we’re releasing a few upgrades to our system.

You can now monitor all the messages users have sent through your semantic search conversation. Go to Knowledge → Semantic searches to see the list.

We’ve also introduced a new conditional that allows you to transition conversations based on your chatbot’s confidence score when returning a semantic search. Using this, you could, for example, force your chatbot to only return semantic searches when it is 60%+ confident in its response.

Read a tutorial on setting this up.


  • We’ve revamped the login page. Isn’t it beautiful?

  • We’ve introduced a new conditional called trigger specific FAQ. It allows you to onboard a user into a conversation when a specific FAQ has been triggered. Learn to use this feature.

  • White label partners: we’ve made the colours of your platform more consistent.

  • New live chat agents no longer have default working hours.

  • We’ve added a metadata section to the knowledge base articles. Filling the metadata out will help towards surfacing the right articles during semantic searches. Learn to use this feature.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the demo chatbot would sometimes trigger the wrong conversation.

  • Aligned some buttons that weren’t aligned. How dare they.

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