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2021-12-15 Release

Platform version: 8.29.0, 1.11.1

[Insert some generic joke about Christmas]

Couldn’t think of any good joke, so you’ll have to use your imagination with this one. It is, all jokes aside, the last release of 2021 for our chatbot platform. Thank you to all the teams, customers, and partners for a fantastic year.

We made sure we packed this last release with spicy new features, so buckle up.

🔥 A new world of opportunities with webhooks

Flexible integrations; a core concept our platform was built on. Our philosophy? Chatbots shouldn’t function in a silo. Instead, to be efficient, they should be at the centre of your tech stack.

Today, we’re releasing a new feature taking this core concept even further: webhooks.

What is a webhook?

A webhook is an API concept that allows an application to push information to other applications in real-time.

You can now receive webhooks, and all the information they contain, and start conversations. 

This is incredibly powerful to, for example, create highly personalised chatbot conversations with a brand new user originating from an external platform. We encourage you to read the tutorial below for a real-life example of how powerful this is.

This new feature truly opens the doors to creating incredible, connected, smooth chatbot experiences.

Flexible and integrated file storage

Our file storage system has gotten a tab (read: a lot) smarter.

Beyond the cosmetic revamp, there are two new core functionalities.

1. Create multiple storages

You can now create and manage multiple, separate storages. This is ideal to organise your images, documents, PDFs, etc. in a logical manner. Each account is shipped with a default storage. You may add as many as you need.

2. Import files into a storage from Amazon S3

We had clicks. We hate redundant clicks, most of all. We also hate silly, manual-time consuming, and low-value processes.

So here’s one we squashed: having to download files from S3 and re-upload them into our platform. Absolutely silly, right?

Now, you can set up a file storage that will automatically bring all your files from S3 into your platform.


  • You can now create conversations based on an FAQ. Bypass the FAQ answer completely and, instead, onboard the user into a conversation. Learn more.

  • Platform owners will, from now on, get immediate access to all new features. No need to grant yourself the permissions anymore; you got it (oh baby, you got it).

  • Introduced descriptions for image files, improving the experience for visually impaired users.

  • CTAs weren’t always easy to close. Now, we’ve brought the 'X' inside the CTA, which makes a lot more sense.

  • Unread live chat notifications are now a lot more visible and…

  • New live chat requests make a sound! Totally optional, you can turn it off, but it’s there. Learn more.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed faulty parameters on the full page, converse, and embed links.

  • Fixed permission issues within the channels page.

  • Fixed issues with the full page bot where the composer would sometimes disappear. Where? Nobody knows. Maybe a midlife crisis. It’s back now, so we all good.

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