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2022-06-14 Release

Platform versions: 8.40.0, 1.12.20

'Alexa, how do I create a chatbot?'

We're beyond excited to announce the release of Amazon Alexa as a new chatbot channel!

🗣 Create Alexa chatbots

Amazon Alexa has been one of the most frequently requested channel integration, and it's finally here.

Create your first Alexa skill using the platform features you already know and love. 

  1. Use our friendly drag and drop builder to create any conversational automation you might need.

  2. Use our FAQs to automate questions and answers.

  3. Use our integrations to get data in or out of your Alexa skill.

And much more. Our platform offers the first user-friendly Alexa chatbot builder.

Head over to Channels to enable your Alexa channel. 

Our documentation will help you get started:


  • We've made chat transcripts more readable. Or, readable. They used to look like crazy data exports (not that crazy, it was just a JSON file). Now you can easily read them. Learn to export a chat transcript.

  • We've improved the live chat ticket forwarding feature. It now shows you which agent is actually available, rather than a list of all agents.

  • Got 100s of builder conversations and looking for 'the one'? You can now filter your list by searching for a word in the conversation's name.

  • Nothing more frustrating than creating a fuzzy composer with 20+ options only to realise you missed one in the middle. Worry not, you can now re-order the items with a simple drag and drop.

  • Live chat agents managing multiple accounts will be pleased to know they can now log into multiple accounts at the same time. Simply use different tabs and you're good to go!

Bug fixes

  • Variables on a validation branch used to look wonky. We've scared them straight.

  • The subscriber data export action would sometimes not trigger. Found the bug and squashed it. 

  • The ticket page on really busy accounts would sometimes crash before loading. We've fixed that too.

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