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2021-08-25 Release

Platform version: 8.21.0, 1.8.40

What an incredible treat we’ve got for you! 

Grab a cup of tea, sit back, and enjoy today’s release – it’s an exciting one.

🔥 Announcing the exciting content search!

We’ll immediately start with a banger: content search is here.

What is content search?

Tell us if this feels familiar:

You need to build a chatbot for your (let’s say) HR department. You’ve got a big ol' handbook of 50+ pages. You need to turn all this content into FAQs. You log into your platform, manually create 100, 200, maybe 500 FAQs.

Now imaging you could do all this automatically, with a simple import button.

Sounds great? Then, you’ll love the content search.

How does it work?

The content search allows your chatbot users to ask a question in a completely natural way and use it to search your chatbot’s knowledge bases. You can now import a PDF (or sitemap or manually) and immediately make it searchable to your users – no need to create FAQs (unless you want to).

The chatbot will respond to the question with a message that takes the user straight to the location of the answer inside your knowledge base.

You can go from 0 to a fully knowledgeable chatbot in the time it takes to click a few buttons and import your content.

You now have access to the first version of the content search. We’re planning lots of improvements in the weeks to come, so keep your eyes peeled. 

Here are a few docs to help you get this set up:

Export your knowledge bases

The amazing knowledge bases you’ve been importing or creating inside your platform can now be exported as well.

Head over to Knowledge → Knowledge bases and you’ll notice the export button at the top.

Exports will land in your inbox, in PDF formats. You can export your entire knowledge, separate knowledge bases, and even separate articles.

Here’s how:

Lots of live chat improvements

Live chat’s getting a lot of TLC at the moment. And why not? It’s an excellent way to fallback from a chatbot conversation – might as well make it even more flexible!

Agent specialities

Agents can now define their specialities. This will help route the tickets to the agent(s) best suited for the job.

Learn to set this up: Assign up agent specialities.

Concurrent live chat tickets

Are your live chat agents getting a bit too stretched for time? You can now limit every agent’s number of concurrent chats. 

Let’s say you set it up to a maximum of five concurrent chats. The next ticket to get raised will be routed to the next agent in line who hasn’t reached their five yet. The algorithm will also prioritise getting every agent on approximately the same number of chats.

Routing algorithms

Finally, we’ve created three ticket assignment algorithms:

  • Don’t auto assign: tickets will not be assigned to any agent. Instead, agents claim tickets as they come through.

  • Round robin: tickets will be assigned to the agent with the lowest number of tickets.

  • Specialised: tickets will be assigned to a support agent who suits the specialities required to answer it. This option will only work if you assign specialities to agents. 

Learn more in this doc: Set up routing algorithms.


  • Full page chatbot users: you can now link your logo (in top left) to a URL of your choice. Ideal to link back to your website, for instance. Learn to do this.

  • Platform owners can now access the docs from the owner areas as well.

  • When you filter your FAQs by location, you’ll only see that location’s FAQs in the FAQ dropdown. It’s the little things in life that make us happy.

Bug fixes

  • Inviting users did this thing where it wouldn’t update the list of invitees in real-time, which was a pain. We’ve solved that. Feast your eyes on all your invites.

  • Locations inside FAQs took us to a world of hurt there for a while. We couldn’t remove an FAQ’s location once it was set. We sometimes couldn’t edit FAQs with locations. Nightmare. But it’s fixed now.

  • The FAQ filter wouldn’t work if you were on page 2 of your FAQs. Weird. But also gone.

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