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2024-04-03 Release

Platform version: 8.52.4, 1.17.14

Bulk test your FAQs

Manually testing the accuracy of your FAQs can be a tenuous process. Now, you can bulk test your FAQs using a simple CSV file.

Create a list of utterances you’d like to test and the FAQ you expect them to return, and run your test.


The FAQ tester returns a report on each utterance, giving you a quick and easy way to test the accuracy of your chatbot.

The FAQ Testing feature is only accessible to Owners. If you need access, please contact your account manager.

Learn more

Beta: Delay the execution of workflows

Using the Trigger postback action and a variable, you can now delay the execution of a workflow.


This feature enables a host of new implementation opportunities such as:

  • Reminding users to respond to your chatbot.

  • Execute an API call, an email, or an action in the future.

  • Create a drip feed campaign working backwards from an end date.

And many more.

The action and the variable formatting that make this feature are released in beta. Please reach out to your account manager with any feedback.

Learn more:


  • Added Hindi, Welsh, and Bengali to the list of supported languages.

  • Enhanced the metrics comparison feature to include line charts. These metrics will now display two lines, one per period. Learn more.

  • Added 6 new line chart metrics: Total subscribers, Total received messages, Sessions completed, Helpful FAQs, Messages not understood, and Active subscribers. Learn more.

  • Added 2 new metrics to track your delayed workflows: Total Trigger Postback Pending (value) and Pending Trigger Postback (table). Learn more.

  • You can now delete pending knowledge base changes, keeping everything nice and tidy.

  • Added multi-select for FAQs and FAQ utterances, allowing you to easily bulk delete both.

  • Added the ability to give your full page chatbot a name.

  • Added three formatters to: (Learn more.)

    • remove or replace characters inside variables using a formatter.

    • round numbers up or down using a formatter.

    • encode URLs.

  • Added the ability to create postbacks that disable or don’t disable after a user click. Learn more.

  • Tidied up the block list.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed editing small talk which sometimes would return an error on multi-lingual bots.

  • Fixed instances where an utterance hitting a 100% confidence score would still appear in the training window.

  • Fixed a bug where knowledge base article names wouldn’t update, causing breakage, confusion, and heartache.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented knowledge base article metadata from being saved as empty.

  • Fixed an issue with SSO invites not properly storing expected first and last names.

  • Fixed an issue where creating a link inside a knowledge base article would overwrite the label.

  • Fixed an issue where channel names wouldn’t appear in the Channel column in Analyse → Conversations.

  • Fixed an issue where created endpoints would temporarily duplicate.

  • Fixed performance issues on the FAQ name dropdown.

  • Fixed an issue where some accounts couldn’t host files sent by chatbot users.

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