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2023-02-15 Release

Platform versions: 8.40.18, 1.13.3

Lots to cover in this release, let's dive right in.

📚 Unlock the power of knowledge base articles

We've brought a huge update to your ability to bring knowledge base content into your bot. Strap in!

Historically, knowledge base content was only accessible through semantic search (more on this). With today's release, you can now bring knowledge base articles into any Action, General, or Carousel message with a simple button.

Select one of the message types above and click + Content. Give your button a label and select the exact article you want to display.


Why this is powerful:

  • If all you want is to display a knowledge base article, you no longer need a complex semantic search setup.

  • You have complete control over which article to display and when.

  • You can add multiple content buttons to a single message.

Psst: don't forget to double-check the third-party channel compatibility.

Links between knowledge base articles

Another powerful add-on: you can now link between different knowledge base articles.

Go to KnowledgeKnowledge bases. Edit one of your articles and click the new link icon.

In the modal, select a knowledge base and a knowledge base article to link.

When a user clicks from one article to the next, they never leave the content panel; making it a smooth and simple experience. Add more context or additional reading material to your articles at the click of a button.

Learn more about linking knowledge base articles.


  • We've improved the dropping of a new step inside your builder. If you had a large conversation, it would sometimes send your new step far away down the page. Now, it will create the step precisely where you drop it.

  • When creating a fuzzy composer, it is likely your postback will be the same as your label; so we made it auto-fill by default. You can still edit it, of course.

  • We've added pagination to ticket comments.

  • You can now filter your tickets by keyword(s). More info.

  • You can now filter your training window by specific FAQ. More info.

  • We've increased data retention to a maximum of 9999 days (~27 years). More info.

  • We've removed the small talk section that would appear when exploring an utterance in training.

  • If all your chatbot settings are turned off, your channel's cog icon no longer displays.

  • If you don't have a notification set up, your channel's bell icon no longer displays.

  • We've increased knowledge base articles' metadata character limit to 510.

  • Variables containing links (emails or URLs) are now clickable for live chat agents.

  • Improved the loading speed of the training page.

  • Added a full-screen mode for knowledge base articles in all three channels.

  • Turkish 🇹🇷 NLP is now available. More info.

  • Live chat and ticketing agents now have their platform-associated email displayed below their name on the agent overview page.

  • Copy improvements across the platform.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the variables {{}} and {{message.files.0.file_name}} would sometimes return the same value.

  • Fixed a bug where changing an integration on a conversation step would crash the page.

  • Fixed the default General message template.

  • Fixed a bug where changing a transition logic from 'message equals' to 'message triggers specific FAQ' would crash the page.

  • Fixed a bug where changing a transition logic from 'message contains all' to 'message equals' would crash the page.

  • Feedback composers wouldn't have the cursor active by default, which was annoying. They now do.

  • Removed duplicate metrics.

  • Fixed metrics exports that would sometimes only return the date and no other value.

  • The 'Delete subscriber' action would delete the subscriber before sending them the message, which is silly. We've now reversed this, so the subscriber receives the message first then is deleted.

  • Fixed the ability to save multiple URL parameters at once. More info.

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